some of you need to chill honestly 

just because we lost a game doesn’t mean we aren’t doing well because we ARE doing well. and also psg are a strong rival.

and just because we conceded three goals doesn’t mean we aren’t doing well either, everyone is allowed to have mistakes. we actually are doing well, we’ve just lost a game and against a strong rival so chill 


We lost to fucking Hercules at Camp Nou in the same season we won UCL and you are complaining about losing PSG away? Welcome to Barça fandom, it’s gonna hurt. 

they’re gonna see a lot of these they just should be patient..

”OMG i can’t deal with this.. Neymar vs David , they love eachother how is this gonna end !!! ” or ” david vs ney my heart can’t”image


Taylor Swift Applauds Emma Watson As A Feminist Icon


sarkozy is definitely jinxing us

i can be okay losing to any team but not PSG ..